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Supporting healthy food and lifestyle choices.

OHSOGOOD, our proprietary brand for healthy dining, includes kitchen-tested recipes built upon a foundation committed to quality of ingredients, portion control and nutrient rich foods that make it easy to eat better.

Downloadable Recipe Cards
OSG Watermelon Feta Salad_Recipe Card
OSG Wheat Berry and Pomegranate Salad
OSG Turkey Meatloaf with Red Peppers_Recipe Card
OSG Vegetarian Beet Borscht_Recipe Card
OSG Tropical Fruit Power Bar_Recipe Card
OSG Tomato Bisque_Recipe Card
OSG Tempeh “Crab” Cake Panini_Recipe Card
OSG Shepherd Squash Pie_Recipe Card
OSG Roasted Vegetable Salad Plate_Recipe Card
OSG Roasted Vegetable Medley over Garden Greens & Feta Topping_Recipe Card
OSG Roasted Red and Yellow Beets & Squash_Recipe Card
OSG Roasted Chickpea and Feta Pita_Recipe Card
OSG Quinoa Pudding_Recipe Card
OSG Pumpkin Spiced Granny Smith Apple Bisque_Recipe Card
OSG Pea Squash Kale Soup_Recipe Card
OSG Mediterranean Vegetable Sauté with Herbed Feta_Recipe Card
OSG Eggplant Venezia Sauté_Recipe Car
OSG Fiery Mushroom, Green Pepper and Lentil Sloppy Joe_Recipe Card
OSG Crispy Tofu Beets Butternut Squash_Recipe Card
OSG Crispy Kale, Quinoa and Sweet Potato Salad with Chili Aioli_Recipe Card
OSG Chocolate Tart with Spiced Pumpkin Crème_Recipe Card
OSG Cranberry Oat Cookies_Recipe Card
OSG Chocolate Chickpea Pumpkin Tart_Recipe Card
OSG Chicken Leek Soup_Recipe Card
OSG Chicken Barley Soup_Recipe Card
OSG Chicken Apple Almond Salad:Sandwich_Recipe Card
OSG Cauliflower Alfredo with Basil & Parmesan Oil_Recipe Card
OSG Cajun Salmon with Orange Vinaigrette_Recipe Card
OSG Carrot Cake with Warm Honey Drizzle_Recipe Card
OSG Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese with Crunchy Broccoli_Recipe Card
OSG Butterscotch Walnut Bars_Recipe Card
OSG Blueberry Granola Bar_Recipe Card
OSG Butternut & Granny Smith Bisque_Recipe Card
OSG Apricot Stuffed Acorn Squash_Recipe Card
OSG Apple Brown Rice_Recipe Card